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What animal (or insect, etc) are you most afraid of? Was there a specific incident that led to your fear, or is it just a general thing?

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AP Exams and Finals and SAT tests.
I'm stuck in quicksand slowly dying.

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What was your first fandom, and are you still active in it? How did you participate in this fandom (discussion lists or communities, fan art, fanfiction, conventions, etc)? Link us to your favorite LJ journals/comms about this fandom.

The Goods List is out!
I so desperately want them, especially the iPhone case! >_<
Posted Image
anyways, the rest of the goods are up on his official blog.

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about thrice.

How many times a day do you access your email account?

I think I just had a real life (almost) nosebleed.
Darn you Yuya!

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I have recently received some goods from http://www.janijanifan.jp.
Since before buying from them, I could find no feedback, so I decided to put this here(and some reviewing!).
[Reviewing and feedback in no particular order]
I purchased and paid for two items from them right before the end of the year.
Their shipping prices are insane(to me), items are reasonably priced depending on what it is, and the English on their site is not very accurate even though it's their international website(they are based in Japan).
It says on their main page that they opened their international store on May 20, 2011.
Honestly, they have A LOT of Johnny's stuff. (cuz they're a johnny's second-hand store~)
So, starting with their "Terms and Conditions".
Basic information, something like "pay the tariff"(lol).
"Delivery Time and Date" is a total lie. It took them over 2 weeks to ship it out after I paid. They even sent me a "confirmed payment" 10 days after I paid. (But it was New Year's so it's okay this time.)
I opted for EMS and it got here reasonably.
And then "International Mail Rates"- for the column "Weight Not Over", it means if the weight 500 g, then you have to pay for the 1000g mail rate. If the weight is 499g(I never found that good that went to single digits), then you pay the 500g mail rate.
Truthfully, the categories "SAL-Registered" and "Economy Air[SAL]" scared me. I understand if 14-21 days is less expensive than 6-13 days. But when EMS(2-4 days) is CHEAPER than the 6-13 day, I'm like, what the heck?!? Yeah, I didn't tried the other shipping options since it seemed unbelievably reasonable to opt for EMS.
Ohkay, so now you have added stuff to your cart. You have to actually sign up for the shop as a registered member, not like a temporary member/one-time buyer.
The only option to pay in the international website is through Paypal.
There's some text next to choosing that option(not like you have a choice) that says:
"I click a banner of the pay pal after the settlement of order, and please settle an account.
When you do not click a banner and stop it on the way,We send a bill of the pay pal to you by an email.
Proceed to the PayPal payment page clicking the Payment [PayPal] button that appears after your purchase is completed."
^That's so horrible English, oh my gosh :<
Basically, it reads click on the paypal button after purchase to pay for your goods. If you don't click and pay, we will send an invoice(?) to you later.
And then Step 4 Confirm, Step 5 Complete.
So the items I purchased:

http://www.janijanifan.jp/product/3305 - 1 Post Cards ★ Ueda Tatuya 上田竜也 ★ 2009 Stage 「Romeo to Juliet (ロミオとジュリエット)」from UK.
http://www.janijanifan.jp/product/2507 - 1 Hand Fan ★ Ueda Tatsuya 上田竜也 ★ 2008 MOUSEPEACE
Despite both conditions being listed as opened, the goods and plastic coverings looked brand new. The package was shipped in four layers. Thick bubble-wrap around the goods, cardboard layer around the bubble-wrap, then placed in a small cardboard box, then put in another cardboard box. Haha, wow, such amazing packaging service. The goods were not damaged at all.
So overall, the experience was absolutely wonderful except for how long they took to process and then actually ship my order.
Thanks for reading this very long post.

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Kurogane Manga Chapter 19.
The guy with a band-aid over his nose.
He's cute.

Source: http://www.mangareader.net/kurogane

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I've gotten many of the items I ordered so far! :)
This week has been fun and tiring. Carrots are to be wary of.
I hope next week will be filled with glorious days.
(And sleep because I so desperately need a lot of it right now!)
It snowed for around 5 minutes this week.
It surprised me, in a good way.
Snow never looked so much more beautiful after a long period of harsh wind and hot suns.
I wish I will receive the majority of my goods next week.
And drown myself in KAT-TUN during the break.

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"Lately, I'm playing against Ueda a lot, a game we both bought. It's a kind of investment game. Simply put, you try to raise the cash of your shops and whoever gets rich fastest wins. To be honest, Ueda is really good at this, I haven't won even once. *cries* It's like everytime he comes up with something even nastier. *laughs* I can't fight back like that. But next time I'm gonna win for sure, whenever I have free time, I practice."
-Taguchi Juunosuke

So freakin' adorable.
Uepi's plain amazing
Source: http://kattunlove.livejournal.com/743183.html

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